Philmont 2016


Troop 149 sent one crew to Philmont Scout Ranch, located in Cimarron, New Mexico over the summer in 2016. The crew who consisted of Colton U. (Crew Leader), Jacob M. (Chaplain’s Aide), Jack B. (Wilderness Guia), Gabe H., Lucas W., Malachi H., Brett G., Fletcher W., Alex C., Mr. Wilner, Mr. Barnes, and Mr. Hartnett chose itinerary 26. Our experience was one of a lifetime as we stopped at Bandelier National Monument, Pecos National Historic Park, the Rio Grande River, and the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge before arriving at Philmont. Once arriving at Philmont, we were assigned expedition number 725-Q and a trial guide who hiked with us for the first few days. His name was Ian. Some highlights of the trip were mountain biking, Ponil’s cantina show, spar pole climbing, cowboy action shooting, Baldy Mountain, atlatl throwing, working on the Philmont Railroad, blacksmithing, horseback riding and touring a mine used by the Aztecs. The swap boxes were very nice. We were allowed to grab any food from these boxes. The scenery was majestic and it was always tranquil out there. Many memories were made by everyone, and the trip gave everyone a new sense of fellowship, beauty, tranquility. Many life experiences and lessons were learned during the trip; whether that be from the car ride to Chicago, or during our blistering hikes, or the storm that caught us on the last day. All of us have memories to share for a lifetime.







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