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Order of the Arrow:

The Order of the Arrow (sometimes referred to as the OA) is Scouting's national honor camping society.

Eligibility Requirements:

To join the Order of the Arrow, a scout must do the following:

1.                  Be at least the rank of First Class.

2.                  Must have 15 nights of camping within the last 2 years. This must include one long term resident camp like summer camp, however a 2nd long term resident camp will not count towards this requirement.

3.                  Have their Scoutmaster’s approval.


After completing these requirements, a scout must be elected by their troop, at the troop’s annual election. Troop 149’s elections typically happen every year in February. At the election, at least half of the registered scouts in the troop must be present.

Each scout must receive at least half of the votes in order to be elected.

Scouts may vote for as many or as few as they feel are deserving.     


“What is an Arrowman?”
The term “Arrowman” refers to any member of the Order of the Arrow. Similar to how “Scout” refers to any member of the BSA, regardless of their rank.

Character-wise, Arrowmen have a desire to help others, and are a living example of the Scout Oath and Law.


Levels of Membership:

Ordeal: Ordeal Membership is the first level an arrowman reaches. It is viewed as a “trial membership,” although Ordeal members have all the same rights as other members.

Brotherhood: Brotherhood is the second level an arrowman reaches. Brotherhood members are viewed as having sealed their membership in the Order of the Arrow.


Majauchsin Chapter:

Chapters in the OA serve the various districts in the Council. The Chapter that serves the Blue Jacket district, that Troop 149 is in, is Majauchsin. (pronounced “my oxen”)

This is the link to Majauchsin's website.

Ku-ni-eh Lodge:

In the OA, there is one lodge for every Council. Dan Beard Council's OA lodge is Ku-ni-eh. Chapters that serve the districts in the council (such as Majauchsin) make up Ku-ni-eh Lodge. Ku-ni-eh Lodge supports Dan Beard Council by providing volunteers for District and Council events, and by helping to keep older youth involved in Scouting. Ku-ni-eh Lodge also helps to maintain Council facilities by doing trail work and other service projects.   

This is the link to Ku-ni-eh's website.

Lodge Committees:

Arrow’s Path – The Arrow’s Path Committee works to send out a quarterly newsletter to all of the Arrowmen in the Lodge. 

Knights of the Round Pot – The Knights of the Round Pot are the Lodge’s kitchen crew. They prepare food at the Lodge’s events.  

Dance & Drum Team – The Dance & Drum Team learn about and perform Native American Dance Styles and Drumming. They perform at Lodge events, as well as events in other parts of Scouting, such as Cub Scout Blue & Golds.      

Ceremonies Team – The Ceremonies Team conducts OA Ceremonies for the Lodge.

Brotherhood Committee – The Brotherhood committee helps Arrowmen to earn their Brotherhood.

Chaplain Aide Committee – The Chaplin Aide Committee organizes religious services for Arrowmen at Lodge events.  

Historian Committee – The Historian Committee records and preserves Lodge history.

Elangomat Committee – The Elangomat Committee trains Elangomats who are members of the Lodge who guide candidates through the Ordeal process.

Vigil Committee – The Vigil Committee guides Arrowmen though the Vigil process after they been selected for the Vigil Honor.

Promotions Committee – The Promotions Committee promotes Lodge events.

Ku-ni-eh Corp. (Trail Crew) – Ku-ni-eh Corp. organizes service projects for the Lodge. 


Lodge Awards:
The different awards given by Ku-ni-eh Lodge to individuals are:

  • New Member Challenge

  • Elangomat Recognition

  • Vigil Honor

  • Founder’s Award

  • Arthur E. Roberts Memorial Chief’s Award

  • Archie J. Williams Memorial Award 


For detailed descriptions and a complete list of all Lodge awards in Ku-ni-eh Lodge, and some of the national awards, please visit:



Order of the Arrow events:

Lodge Lock-in: An all night event with games, movies, and other fun activities.

It is usually held every year in February.

Spring Fling: A campout at Camp Michaels in Kentucky with lots of activities, food and games that are designed around a central theme. The theme is different every year. It is usually held every year in March.

AIA Conference: This event features Native American dancing and crafts as well as Order of the Arrow ceremonies.

It is a chance to compete as well as learn more about them. It is usually held every year in late March.

Section Conclave: A weekend long event with Arrowmen from 5 different lodges from this part of Ohio. This event allows you to meet Arrowmen from a broad area.

This includes competitions with the Ceremonies, and Dance Teams from each lodge. It is usually held every year in May.

Fall Fellowship: This weekend event held every year in September is a lot of fun.

Some of the activities included are watching movies and singing karaoke.

The lodge also does service projects as well as holding its annual election for various positions in the lodge.   

Winter Banquet: This event held every year in January is when the lodge officially changes over positions elected at the Fall Fellowship. It is also a time when people are recognized for many different achievements in the lodge. 


National Order of the Arrow: 

OA High Adventure: Arrowmen can participate in unique experiences at any of the BSA’s four major High Adventure Bases. They perform service work for the high adventure base for a week and then enjoy two weeks at the high adventure base at a highly reduced cost.

For more information, please visit the official BSA website for OA High Adventure at:        


National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) - 2015

Like the rest of Boy Scouts, the OA has a national leadership. 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. In August, National held the centennial NOAC.

2015's NOAC was themed for the 100th anniversary, like the National Jamboree in 2010.

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) - 2018

The next NOAC will be held at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in 2018. Specific date and details have not been released yet. The last time it was held at Indiana University was in 2009. 

This is the link to the National OA's website.



Created by Scout Ian C (February 2016)